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AtomJump.orgFully Open Sourced, Browser-Based Messaging with expandable plugins.
No app downloads required. Runs on a standard low-end LAMP stack.

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Message responsibly with AtomJump

If you choose AtomJump Messaging, Big Brother can't touch you. The 100% open-source software, maintained and developed by the non-profit AtomJump Foundation, can run securely on your own hardware, and you choose how to set it up. There is no advertising.
Message in Peace
Chat with any number of your friends, clients or family, privately or publicly. Then video conference using the complimentary open source tool
Single Click Server Install
Find hosting providers with a single click installation of AtomJump server, or AtomJump's LiveWiki hosting
VIP Service
Do you want dozens of server nodes, to handle high traffic loads? Try our VIP service.
Download the Appliance
The server software is free and open source.  Download the Appliance for Windows / Mac / Linux, or a PHP5 / PHP7  version on Apache & Linux servers.
Select from a range of existing plugins. Then build your own additions to AtomJump Core, and sell or publish them.
Add to your website
Refer to our free AtomJump web-service to simplify your messaging installation. HTML and CSS, with an optional Wordpress integration. 

Do it your way.

Now you have the freedom to set up your messaging app your own way, using completely open technologies. Read more about our story here.
Years since development began
" In 10 years time, I believe most sensible people will communicate via AtomJump. Why? Because thousands of developers, from any organisation world-wide, will be constantly improving it. "
– Peter Abrahamson

Anytime, Anywhere.

Use any browser, on your mobile, tablet or desktop equally well. No downloads are required.
Edge, Internet Explorer*
* iOS and Android do support video, but with a separate app. IE does not support video, but text messages are fully supported.
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